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Immigration Appeals


Our History in Immigration Appeals

When a person does not agree with the verdict of the immigration judge at the conclusion of their removal proceedings, they can appeal the decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Falls Church, VA.

The skill of an experienced attorney is vital to winning an appeal before the BIA.

On appeal, cases are evaluated based on legal arguments presented in the form of a written brief. A deportation attorney must have a vast and detailed knowledge of immigration laws and immigration cases so as to make the best, most persuasive argument possible.

Davis & Associates is experienced in handling BIA appeals. Our attorneys are experienced and talented immigration attorneys that make smart, innovative legal arguments in their briefs to the BIA. Our deportation lawyers work together on most of our cases and spend many hours reviewing legal strategy. Together they have more than a dozen years of experience in immigration law cases, deportation and appeals.

We are your business immigration attorneys of choice in Texas and surrounding areas.